Eat. Train. Live.

Wide Range of Classes

BodyVision offers a wide range of classes, including Barre, Boxing, Personal Training, Pilates, Metafit, Mixed Fitness and Toning.

Individual Attention

Our trainers are 100% committed to your results. We do our best to provide individual attention to your needs and make our classes accessible to all skill levels.

Specialised Trainers

We offer a range of specialised trainers with qualifications in the classes they provide. For more information on our trainers experience and qualifications, view our trainer profiles.

Ongoing Support

The team at BodyVision are able to assist you with planning, ongoing support to reach your health and fitness goals. Give us a call and find out how we can help.

Health & Fitness Events

BodyVision offers the opportunity to participate our various challenges throughout the year, for example our 2 week no sugar challenge. We also hold health & fitness information evenings with a range of guest speakers.

$10 Trial Offer

We know you’ll love our classes, so we offer new members unlimited group fitness classes for 7 days at just $10, so why not Get Started today!

Michelle has trained me very differently to the other 4 trainers that I have had. I have lost 5kg, and am fitter and stronger and I look leaner than I have in years...

Lisa 44, Bulleen

Michelle's personal attention to details gives me far more than I could ever hope to get from a gym or a larger group class and I am appreciative of all she does...

Amanda53, Kew

I would highly recommend BodyVision - Michelle caters to all fitness levels and takes the time to understand each client’s needs...

Michelle41, Nth Balwyn

I undertook a 6 week challenge with Michelle of body vision and got some amazing results, our program was extended to 8 weeks and I was able to lose 6kgs and 34cms from my body!

Brook38, Greensborough

Michelle’s explanations of the exercises were clear and I started to see the positive changes in my body and it did indeed help with normal training as my core strength improved...


I just wanted to say how great The Healthy LifePlan Program is, I enjoyed the fitness sessions as much as the challenge itself...

Mia40, Bulleen

Why Choose

If it is for you to be able to run for the first time in your life or lose weight for that school reunion or to look great in your swimwear, whatever the reason, I can help you make the changes you need to get the results you want. I have always had a passion for fitness & have trained on a regular basis myself, for over 26 years. I have 4 children and know what it takes to lose baby weight after each pregnancy. (I gained 20 kgs during my second pregnancy) I trained throughout each pregnancy and afterwards to get back in shape and I can help you do the same. My vision is to support, motivate and empower my clients to get to where they want to be in their Health & Fitness.

My primary drive is to educate my clients as I know that changes occur when knowledge is gained. Knowledge is power and it will help you make proper choices with your health. The best part about teaching people how to improve their health & fitness is seeing them reach their goals and improve in strength, energy, tone, weight, coordination, confidence & self-esteem. That’s the best part about being a trainer, seeing my client’s lives change for the better!

Michelle Agostini – Owner and Trainer