High energy, fun and very effective for toning up


Our boxing classes are high energy, fun and very effective for toning up, stripping fat and relieving stress. Boxing is great for developing great muscle definition and tone to the upper body. These classes are 45 mins and are designed to get your heart rate pumping. You will build up a sweat and burn calories for up to 24 hours. The combination of boxing and cardio drills with kickboxing moves keeps the classes different and fun and ensures that you get a whole body workout.
Classes are suitable for all fitness levels

BoxFit 30

A 30 minute class – fast paced with interval training.


 Kids Boxing Class- 10- 15yrs

A 45 minute class teaching kids various boxing drills using correct technique in a safe and fun environment. A variety of bodyweight exercises along with cardio are added to this class to ensure the child gets an overall body workout. This class is an excellent way to compliment their weekly sports by increasing their strength and fitness and performing at a higher level overall in their chosen sport. If your child does not like team sports then this class is perfect for them to increase their fitness.


Michelle Agostini, Annie Roten

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