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Our Online Classes option is great to add to your face to face classes if you can’t get to the studio as much as you would like.

This option is also great for when you go on holidays so you can keep your workouts going and don’t end up weeks and months without exercising, going back to square one, losing the muscle and fitness gains you worked so hard to achieve through the year.

This is a common issue that many of our clients face when they go away for extended periods of time. They get into the swing of consistent classes, feeling great, body energized and making progress. Then they take a break because of Christmas or school holidays etc and find it hard to get back into routine.

Sometimes taking up to 2-3 months to get back to regular training. This yoyo training doesn’t get them any closer to the results they want and they find themselves back to square one with all the mental and emotional issues attached to their decision not to train; (guilt, frustration, disappointment, procrastination, anger etc)

Don’t let this be you, join our online classes and take us with you wherever you go.

There are quick workouts for your convenience and longer ones for when you have the time.

Online classes include:

  • Pilates (60 mins)
  • Barre fusion (45 mins)
  • Toning (45 mins)
  • Circuit 30 (30 mins)
  • 10 min stretch sequences
  • 10 min leg workouts
  • 10 min ab workouts
  • 10 min upper body workouts
  • 10 min glute workouts

With over 100 classes in the library, there is sure to be ones that suit your needs and preferences.

These classes are ideal to do at home with limited space and equipment.

Ask Michelle for prices relative to your particular needs

The classes are offered in a private facebook group- Body Vision online classes

You set up the membership and request to join the group.