Exercises that target the core, butt, thighs, back & pelvic floor

Michelle Agostini

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Pilates at Body Vision is taught using the Athletic Pilates system created by Studio Pilates International in Brisbane.

This style of Pilates incorporates exercises that target the core, butt, thighs, back & pelvic floor, with specific emphasis on improvement in postural weaknesses.

Matwork classes make use of a variety of equipment such as bands, circles and balls to get the most out of every exercise and make sure you are being challenged in every session

Pilates will give you the narrow, toned waist that every girl loves whilst developing good back strength and posture.

Our Pilates Classes are in Bulleen, Melbourne and are suitable for all ability levels.

Michelle is trained in foundations and advanced mat work pilates, ball, band and circle work, pilates using foam rollers and pre and post natal pregnancy pilates .