Semi Private Personal Training

Take your strength training to the next level!

Michelle Agostini

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Our semi-private personal training sessions are the VIP of all the classes offered at Body Vision.

These sessions are as close to Personal training as you can get.

Each client is taught the main movements in weight training ie, squats, deadlift and bench press as well as all other weight training exercises that will ensure changes in body shape over time if done consistently.

Clients are taught good technique to ensure safety and ability to progress in strength. We do not allow increases in weight unless we feel the client’s form is good enough.

To transform your body you must get stronger, this will maximise fat burning as the more muscle you have the more fat you burn.

This will also help you change your body composition to fit into a size or two smaller in your clothes because muscle takes up less room than fat.

We record PB’s and measure progress in each session to increase motivation and keep on track with each client, ensuring no one gets left behind.

There are no more than 7 people in each group which means that we can supervise you closely allowing you to train with heavier weights to achieve amazing results for your body.

Beginners must book 2 Personal training sessions (30mins each) to gain confidence and competency in using the equipment before joining a semi private group.

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*For those clients who join our EAT program and want weight training as well, 2-3 semi private sessions are highly recommended for best results.

*Call Michelle on 0428418999 to chat about your best options.