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Michelle Agostini

Owner & Trainer

For over 10 years Michelle Agostini has been involved in the health and fitness industry helping women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness.
Michelle’s approach to health and wellness includes looking at the person’s diet, stress levels, exercise, sleep, digestion, hormones, mind-set and overall lifestyle.
Michelle believes maintaining all of these components are vital to a person’s overall health and happiness.
Michelle has been an avid exerciser for over 30 years but over exercised for most of that time. This left her with a sluggish metabolism and borderline hyperthyroidism. Her thoughts were that the more you exercised the better it was for you- the more results you got.
After the age of 45, Michelle noticed that the things that had worked before weren’t working anymore. She had to work harder and cut her calories even further to get the same results-This caused a lot of frustration and exhaustion and was the catalyst to finding a new approach.

She was luckily introduced to the work of Dr Ray Peat, Emma Sgourakis, Kate Deering and others who taught a different approach to what the fitness industry teaches and this intrigued Michelle.
This new information literally changed Michelle’s life. The freedom from restrictive diets and overtraining is amazing and life is much more fun as a result.

Michelle was excited to share the new information with her clients; finally a program that was achievable in every way that didn’t involve having to have willpower to get through.
Good health was no longer defined by how many hours she could work out, how much will-power she had, or how low her weight was.
Michelle knows and understands that the physical, nutritional, mental and emotional factors of a person’s life must work together …one is not more important than the other and each affects the other.

Michelle loves helping women feel confident and empowered through exercise, good nutrition and mental and emotional wellbeing.

Call or message her to chat about your needs and concerns.

Education and Qualifications

• Owner Body Vision Health and Fitness 2009+
• Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
• Personal and group trainer
• Advanced Pilates Instructor including pre and post natal
• Barre Certified
• Diploma of Weight loss consulting
• Health and Wellness Coach
• Creatrix Transformologist
• Currently studying to become a certified nutritionist


Bachelor of Education – worked in the NSW Dept of Education as a Primary School teacher for 17 years before changing career paths.

Tarsh Kardaras

Admin & Customer Manager Trainer

I have always loved sport and have continued to keep fit throughout my adult life. I started at Body Vision very early on and loved the training so much that I encouraged friends who hadn't exercised for many years to come and join me. I love encouraging people as I know how good you feel and how much more energy you have when you live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I came from a corporate background, starting out as an accountant and spending many years managing clients in the corporate world. I regularly used and developed Client Databases. This prior experience has led to the role of Customer Manager at BodyVision.

I have always been keen to start working in the health and wellbeing industry and have re-skilled myself as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist which I love and feel that it aligns with Body Vision adding to the well-being of our clients. I am thoroughly enjoying the balance of BodyVision client work and Massaging.

Helen Englezos

Barre Instructor & Trainer