EAT Program

Get maximum results with our EAT Program

Body Vision EAT Program

Are you sick and tired of going on diets that make you cut your calories?

Do you end up bingeing because you are starving and then give up?

Join our Body Vision 6 week EAT challenge or EAT program to help you –

  • Learn a new, more balanced approach to eating that will help restore your metabolism.
  • STOP cutting calories and going on ‘quick fix’ diets.
  • Get rid of cravings, bloating, low energy, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, broken sleep as well as peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.
  • Start your fat loss journey with the foods that you enjoy and are suitable for your body.

This program is not- ‘one size fits all’ because every woman has her own unique metabolic and hormonal issues.

A Pro-Metabolic nutritional approach allows the body to get the fuel and nutrients it needs for energy and this leads to greater functioning at every level.

Eating this way helps to reduce or totally eliminate any cravings for sweet, sugary foods because Pro-Metabolic nutrition uses simple sugars as an energy source. When you supply your body with what it needs, it no longer craves it.

As this is a hormonal balancing nutrition program, symptoms associated with estrogen dominance will start to improve which, as a bonus, can reduce or eliminate cellulite.

This is a gradual process and depends on how much damage was done from under-eating and over-exercising and stress over the years/decades.

Book a consultation with Michelle 

Are you ready to free yourself from restriction?

Michelle has developed this nutritional coaching program that can help you gain back your health and increase your vitality.

This program is suitable for those who-

  • Are sick of the quick fix diets out there that cause them to rebound again and again.
  • Are prepared to play the long game for long lasting, sustainable results.
  • Want to learn more about how they can support their body to function effectively in all areas of their metabolism.
  • Know that permanent change takes time and effort.
  • Are fed up with feeling tired, stressed, moody, bloated and hungry.

Michelle’s story

I have done so many quick fix diets over the decades and over exercised to the extreme.

I have done the Atkins diet, carb cycling, metabolic clock, low carb/high fat, raw food, juice cleansing, intermittent fasting.

I exercised 3 hours a day/6 days a week in my 20’s, 2 hours a day/ 5 days a week in my 30’s, did 14 classes a week with my clients for 6 years in my 40’s and now have learnt that all those hours of cardio and exercise only made my metabolism more stressed.

I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get my body where I wanted it- ( feeling confident in a swim suit without the jiggly fat bits showing) and I was doing SO MUCH exercise and watched what I ate-  lots of salads, nuts, seeds, quinoa, berries and drank herbal teas to keep the calories down and help me feel full.

As I was getting older, I started seeing the number on the scales creep up and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong-I was a personal trainer, I should have known the magic formula.  I was stressing my body and therefore causing my metabolism to slow down. (I thought I was speeding it up)

The last straw was gaining 6 kgs on an overseas trip in 2019.

I knew what it was going to take to lose those kilos when I got home (lots of running and cutting my calories) but I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I was sick and tired of the whole dieting and over exercising thing. I was burnt out and over it all.

That was when I found a new way of eating and training that the fitness industry doesn’t teach you.

It involved eating more of the foods that help speed up your metabolism (no matter what age you are), training 3-4 times per week (only doing weights), getting enough rest and recovery and not doing hours of cardio -YAY!!

I was so excited because the program actually told you to eat sugar: the right kind of sugar and my binge eating on weekends stopped.

I am amazed at how much food I can eat now without the restrictions and how great I feel, how balanced my energy and moods are.

My results after 1 year + of easily sticking to this program:

  • No bloating or flatulence, digestion improved markedly
  • Sleeping like a baby
  • Balanced energy throughout the day
  • No extreme mood swings
  • More muscle definition
  • Fat loss
  • Period cycle going from 21 days for years to 28 days.
  • No period pain leading up to period and only 2-3 day period
  • No perimenopausal symptoms
  • Nails, hair and skin improvements
  • No bingeing on sugary foods or junk foods on weekends
  • Ability to stick to this way of living for more than 2 weeks (my husband used to call me the

‘2 weeker’ because I got to the stage where I would start a diet and only stick to it for 2 weeks.

Book a consultation with me if you would love to learn how to improve your metabolism, feel better, healthier and lose body fat.

There are 2 options to choose from with the Body Vision EAT program-

  1. 6 week challenge to give you a ‘taster’ of the EAT program
  2. The EAT program either through group or VIP 1 on 1 coaching.

For more information on these programs message or call Michelle-0428418999